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Welcome to Amber Vista Wines. We have been growing grapes and making wine from our family-owned vineyard estate in beautiful Rancho Santa Fe, California, since 2016. This is a boutique vineyard in a microclimate, located 5 miles from the Pacific Ocean in San Diego County, and you will not find our wine in stores. Our wine is sold exclusively here online, and cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Furthermore, we wish to express that we make our wine with profound gratitude to the land we live on, which was once Mexico/Native America; and we honor the great agricultural heritage and history of our African American ancestors when we farm the land that makes this wine. What you will experience in the bottle is the manifestation of dreams… and a natural expression of love for the land.

~Amber Patton (Owner, viticulturist, winemaker)

our story

It was a leap of faith for a single mother of two, but Amber wanted her children to experience the idyllic rural lifestyle she cherished as a child.

“I dreamt of Rancho Santa Fe as a girl, and now I live here, with my sons. The vineyard was neglected when we came in 2016. I spent the next two years farming and hiring experts to teach me about the vineyard and how to make wine. In 2018, my first Rosé won Gold Medal at the County Fair. That was just the beginning! Now we make wines that compete with long established brands.

our farming

San Diego County’s Mediterranean-like climate makes it an ideal place to grow agricultural crops. The rocky, mineral rich soil here in Rancho Santa Fe is ideal for our purpose. The nearby world renowned Chino Farm neighbors our property and is a testament to the fertility of the land in the area. Our farming principles are simple and pure. We don’t use chemicals on the vineyard! We don’t use pesticides!  We are working on earning an organic soil certification, which we hope to have soon.

Our heritage

Amber Vista is 100% Black-owned. Social injustices in our country have made it important to state this fact. We are seeking supporters of all backgrounds and look forward to creating relationships. First and foremost, we focus on excellence- and excellence is colorless. The quality of the wine is what we’re about. That said, we sincerely appreciate your support and want you to know that we DO make charitable donations to non-profits who work to establish peace, justice and racial equality in America.

A Look At 

Our Harvest

The art of creating wine is all about what happens in the vineyard. Sun, rain, roots, birds, spiders and bees come together, almost as if they are part of one organism. Each year is unique and Nature takes the lead. Happy fruit and good energy is the magic behind any significant bottle of wine. This drink takes years to create, and I always say, my job is “Just don’t mess it up!” Like a child, wine will grow into its truest self with a little guidance and protection. It carries its own special characteristics and personality. My job as a viticulturist and winemaker parallels my job as a mother to my sons. I just want to make sure their finest qualities shine when they mature. We are so proud of our 2018 and 2019 vintages!

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Private Label Experience

Have you ever dreamt of having your own private label wine for your home cellar?  We can custom blend for you a wine to perfectly match your tastes and personality. Create a family story with your own bottles, blended from your favorite varietals, for a wine that beautifully highlights your holidays or any occasion.

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